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Centre for European Regional and Local Studies EUROREG, University of WarsawThe Centre for European Regional and Local Studies (EUROREG) based in the University of Warsaw is Poland's leader in interdisciplinary research and education in the field of regional and local studies and policies. It forms a part of the Centre for Latin American Studies (CESLA) and the American Studies Center (OSA).The Centre offers four-semester postgraduate (MA) [...]
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In this section we present you potential partners for your project groups. In the section on Polish institutions you will find potential partners from Poland. If you are looking for a TPG partner please search our databases. The listed institutions have already expressed their interest in being a part of the ESPON TPG. In the section on Intenational institutions you will find a complete list of experienced partners that participated in the ESPON [...]
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Polish presence in the ESPON 2006 ProgrammePotential ESPON partners from PolandAkademia Ekonomiczna im. Karola Adamieckiego w KatowicachKatedra Gospodarki Przestrzennejul. 1 Maja 50, 40-287 Katowice(00-48)  32/2577413Contact person: Adam Polkopolko@ae.katowice.plField: economics, geographyAkademia Ekonomiczna we WrocławiuKatedra Polityki Ekonomicznej i Europejskich Studiów Regionalnychul. Komandorska 118/120, 53-345 [...]
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ESPON Partner CaféPotential Partners for Transnational Project Groups A possibility for potential partners supporting them in the creation of Transnational Project Groups (TPGs) is available.Based on a “Partner Information Form”, interested potential partners can ask for inclusion in an overview compiled by the ESPON Coordination Unit.This opportunity should help in the process of finding partners and diversifying the [...]
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Centre for European Regional and Local Studies EUROREGhttp://www.euroreg.uw.edu.pl/en/The ESPON Programmehttp://www.espon.eu/Polish Monitoring Committeehttp://www.mrr.gov.pl/ESPON in Austriahttp://www.espon.at/channels/index.phpESPON in Finlandhttp://www.tkk.fi/Yksikot/YTK/tutkimus/ESPON/ESPON in Francehttp://www.ums-riate.com/orate.htmlESPON in [...]
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Polish ESPON Contact PointCentre for European Regional and Local Studies EUROREGWarsaw Universityul. Krakowskie Przedmieście 3000-927 WarsawPhone: 0048 22 55 20 748mail: espon@espon.plcontact person: Katarzyna [...]