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ESPON Partner Café
Potential Partners for Transnational Project Groups
A possibility for potential partners supporting them in the creation of Transnational Project Groups (TPGs) is available.

Based on a “Partner Information Form”, interested potential partners can ask for inclusion in an overview compiled by the ESPON Coordination Unit.

This opportunity should help in the process of finding partners and diversifying the composition of TPGs carrying through ESPON projects.

Public and private bodies are welcome to take part in the Partner Café.

Partner Information Form
Overview Potential Partners
Overview potential subcontractors

How to join the ESPON Partner Café
Potential project partners that are interested in participating in a TPG can fill in and submit the “Partner Information Form” available below.

The form shall be signed and stamped and then submitted by post and/or faxed to the ESPON Coordination Unit at the following address:

ESPON Coordination Unit
CRP HT - P.O. Box 144
L-4221 Esch-sur-Alzette
Fax: +352-545580-701

It shall as well be submitted as Word or PDF file by e-mail to partners@espon.eu.

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ESPON has just launched some social media tools. The ESPON Twitter will release information on a regular basis via tweets. The ESPON LinkedIn page provides users with information about the Programme. RSS feed, Netvibes and Delicious will help users to keep up to date with and bookmark ESPON.

Direct links to these tools are available at the ESPON Website.

ESPON Partner Café is now on LinkedIn

The ESPON Partner Café has now its own LinkedIn Group where potential partners can launch discussions and find partners to carry out ESPON projects.
The ESPON Partner Café has reached the amount of 217 potential project partners during the month of September 2010.
Many research institutes intend to build up a partnership of expertise so as to submit proposals and carry out ESPON projects.

The updated list can be found at the ESPON Website.