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Urban Policy Challenges Experiences Ideas

Polish Contact Point of ESPON 2013 Program and Polish Ministry for Regional Development are organizing international conference „Urban Policy – Challenges, Experiences, Ideas”, which will be held in Warsaw, on 25-26 June 2013.
The conference will address the following themes:
  • Functional Urban Area (FUA) – concepts and definitions, hierarchization and classification of cities;
  • Metropolises and metropolitan areas – definitions and delimitation issues, 
  • Urban development factors – (human, social and creative capitals, innovativeness, attractiveness, local leaders and management capacities – good practices in defining and fostering local developmental assets;
  • Development processes in small towns;
  • Adaptability to changing environments and resilience to crisises in cities and towns (dealing with demographical change, scarce assets, weak local labor market, preventing social exclusion and degradation of urban space;
  • Multi-level governance, co-operation and management across administrative boundaries – good practices of integrated multilevel development projects, fostering collaboration between various cities and towns, tools for naming and sharing assets within given territories;

Conference Agenda
  •  To be published at the begining of May 2013

Conference Venue
  • The conference will take place in the main campus of Warsaw University (25th June) and in the Polish Ministry for Regional Development (26th June) [Details will be anounced at the beginig of May 2013]

Further information
  • Representative of local organizers - Paweł Śliwowski [espon@espon.pl]

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