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Progress in implementation of ESPON projects

About 15 million Euro has already been committed for 27 ESPON projects

ESPON has published the updated overview of the beneficiaries. The
information contains the names of the beneficiaries, the names of the operations and the amount of public funding allocated to the operations. The overview includes so far the 17 contracted projects out of the 27 already approved by the Monitoring Committee. The contracted projects involve 80 beneficiaries for a total amount of 9.232.498 EUR.

The available overview shows that the beneficiaries come from 26 countries
involved in the ESPON 2013 Programme. 14% represents the UK, 8% France and Spain, 6% Italy and Switzerland, 5% Greece, Netherlands and Poland, 4% Finland, Hungary, Romania, Sweden respectively. The list will be updated with the information on the 10 more projects that are currently under the contracting phase. Altogether, the selected 27 projects with their 113 beneficiaries commit more than 15 million EUR.

The list of beneficiaries is available as download at the ESPON Website, link: http://www.espon.eu/main/Menu_Programme/Menu_Beneficiaries/

ESPON at the Open Days, 5 and 6 October 2010 in Brussels

ESPON will have two workshops during this year’s Open Days in Brussels. 
The first workshop “Cooperation: the benefits of cooperating across internal and external borders” is related to Priority 1/Applied Research and is scheduled for 5 October 2010 at 11h15-13h00. This workshop features four of the new ESPON 2013 applied research projects that highlight the regional or territorial dimension.

The second workshop “ESPON provides regions with targeted analysis” is dedicated to Priority 2/Targeted Analyses and will take place on 6 October 2010 at 9h00-10h45. This workshop will provide an overview of the analyses that regions and Member States have requested ESPON to undertake.

Participation is free. To registering for the ESPON Workshops please visit the official website, which includes details the workshops, speakers, venues. The deadline for registration is 22 September 2010. Online registration