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Press release on new calls. EDORA - new report

Press Release “ESPON opens new funding opportunities”

The ESPON Programme will launch new Calls for Proposals on 24 August 2010. Scientists and Experts from universities, research institutes and companies are invited to become involved in new ESPON projects.

The Calls for Proposals will provide opportunities for submitting proposals on 2 themes on Targeted Analyses and on the next phase of the ESPON Database Project. The application deadline for the Calls is 19 October 2010. The available budget for the Calls is EUR 1.950.000.

The Call for Targeted Analyses includes the themes ADES/Airports as Drivers of Economic Success in Peripheral Regions and AMCER/Advanced Monitoring and Coordination of EU R&D Policies at Regional Level.

ESPON invites interested potential beneficiaries to become informed on the new funding opportunities and to meet potential project partners at the Info Day on 8 September 2010 in Brussels where New Calls will be presented and a Partner Café arranged. At this event the European Commission and the Belgian EU Presidency will present the policy demand for further ESPON results.

Read the press release at the ESPON Website

EDORA – Draft Final Report now available

The over-arching aim of the EDORA project is to better understand the development opportunities and challenges facing rural areas in Europe, in order to support targeted policy development, especially in relation to job creation and social change.
In particular, insights should help with the practical implementation of spatial development principles which have evolved out of the Fifth Cohesion Report, and the Territorial Cohesion Green Paper.

Three key issues are:
  • the need to better understand patterns of differentiation, between different kinds of rural area;
  • the nature of the different opportunities for development which each of them faces;
  • the way in which such opportunities depend upon, and may be strengthened by, interaction between rural and urban areas.
 In order to address these issues the EDORA researchers have sought to draw together contemporary academic interpretations of the process of rural change, with the most up-to date data, so that robust and empirically valid findings can form a firm foundation for policy recommendations. 

ESPON EDORA, produced by UHI Millennium Institute as Lead Partner and 15 Project Partners, shall deliver its Final Report on September 2010.

Read the Draft Final Report as well as all background documents at the ESPON Website.