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New Reports from Applied Research Projects and VACANCY in ESPON CU

New Reports from Applied Research Projects

The Inception Report of ATTREG is now online

The project ATTREG - The Attractiveness of European regions and cities for residents and visitors – shall strive to achieve a better understanding of the contribution of European regions’ and cities’ attractiveness to economic performance. In addition, it shall identify the key ingredients of attractiveness in different types of territories, from vibrating city centres to tranquil rural settlements, taking into account issues such as access to services, well-being and quality of life. Finally, the project shall investigate in which way policy makers can improve the attractiveness of their city or region by reconciling the interests of both, residents and visitors.

The Inception Report is now online at the ESPON Website. It contains a detailed overview of the research approach, the concept of territorial attractiveness, the analytic framework, the methods to be deployed at each stage of the project and the initiation of a process of data availability verification with an evaluation of datasets.

ATTREG, produced by University “Rovira i Virgili” as Lead Partner and 8 Project Partners (EURICUR, Ca’ Foscari Venice University, Catholic University of Leuven, University of Coimbra, CRT, IGSO, University of Ljubljana, University of the West of England), shall deliver its Interim Report on 31 December 2010. More reading.

The Inception Report of KIT is now online

The project KIT - Knowledge, Innovation, Territory - will take into account the current state, patterns and potentials of regions with respect to the knowledge and innovation economy and identify new development opportunities through innovation for Europe and its territories. A general goal characterizes the KIT project: to contribute to the understanding of the diffusion processes of innovation and knowledge. Its Inception Report presents a more detailed overview of the analytical approach to be applied by the project as well as its five logical steps needed to accomplish such a goal.

KIT, produced by Politecnico di Milano – BEST as Lead Partner and 5 Project Partners (University of Cagliari, University of Barcelona, London School of Economics, University of Economics in Bratislava, Cardiff University) shall deliver its Interim Report on 28 February 2011. More reading.

Vacancy at the ESPON Coordination Unit

The ESPON Coordination Unit is looking for two trainees for a period of 5 months to join our international team. Deadline for submitting an application is 21 November 2010.

The job advert
is online at the ESPON website, link.