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ESPON welcomes new Projects

ESPON welcomes new Projects:  one Applied Research project, one Targeted Analysis and two Scientific projects are online now.

(1) “Secondary Growth Poles and Territorial Development in Europe” (SGP)

The Applied Research Project “Secondary Growth Poles and Territorial Development in Europe” aims at developing a common understanding of the opportunities and prospects for the territorial development of secondary cities. The key objective is to produce clear policy recommendations about the challenges and opportunities facing secondary cities in Europe, based upon robust analysis of a well founded evidence base. Read more.

(2) “Transnational Support Method for European Cooperation” (TranSMEC)

The Targeted Analysis TranSMEC shall develop a general method providing guidance on how ESPON results can add value to and/or present synergy with national and regional knowledge (e.g. data, trends, perspectives) in the development of tools to support territorial cooperation programmes in capitalisation and considerations on future strategic project development. The method shall be applied for the Northwest-Europe co-operation area. More.

(3) ESPON HyperAtlas

The ESPON HyperAtlas tool is based on the statement that statistical observations of the territory are complex. Any representation, directly linked to a specific objective, is the result of a combination of different choices relative to the territories and geographical scales, and the statistical indicators. This tool uses a methodology, Multiscalar Territorial Analysis, which gives the opportunity to derive several indicators on the basis of the ratio of two initial geographical indices according to different spatial contexts and allows the analysis and visualisation of a spatial phenomenon taking into account its multiple possible representations. In practical terms, this means that one can map the deviations of a certain region for a specific phenomenon to three different levels: European or a specific value, medium and local.

The ESPON HyperAtlas has been initially elaborated for ESPON 2006 (under Project 3.1 and subsidiary contracts). The ESPON HyperAtlas has shown to be a useful tool for people working or interested in the topic of European territorial development. Both the European Parliament and the European Environmental Agency have shown user interest. More.

(4) Indicators of Territorial Cohesion (INTERCO)

The main objective of INTERCO is to develop a set of indicators and indices that could be used to support policy makers in measuring and monitoring territorial cohesion related to European territorial development. During the different steps in developing this set of indicators and indices other ESPON projects and relevant policy makers and stakeholders will be involved.

The Inception Report is now online at the ESPON website.

INTERCO, produced by University of Geneva as Lead Partner and National Technical University of Athens and Nordregio as project partners, shall deliver its Interim Report on 31 March 2011. More reading.